Thursday, May 1, 2014

April 17, 2014 - Any Similarity Between the old Remington Logo andOur's is Purely Intentional

What can I say ... it (the Remington Logo) is a cool logo! :-)


  1. Looks fantastic. Is that the Vogue font?

  2. I'm looking forward to wearing that on my back! :)

  3. How can a local fella get one of them? How do you feel about a couple Selectrics that needs some love from an experienced hand, and I need them out of my house...Or I'm sure we can work something else out. Love the logo. Would proudly wear that.

  4. of them tee shirts, that is...

    1. Hey there! Ya - let's chat about your proposal, I'd be up for that.

      FYI - I tried to reach you before the type-in without luck, had an old "I do not monitor this voicemail" phone number for ya. :-(

      Let's talk - if you want to drop me a line, I am home all week - nine three seven six four four nine seven zero seven

  5. Excellent. Will do. Sorry about the phone snafu. Will contact you when I'm back in town. Really love the design on those shirts: well done.