Sunday, March 13, 2016

Lulled into a Digital Lullaby...

The date of my last blog post probably corresponds eerily closely with the date the I put together my storefront page on Facebook.

In contradiction to my agreement with the Typewriter Revolution principles, I allowed the surreal (immediate digital gratification) to overcome my commitment to the real (the analog).

It is difficult to have a foot firmly planted in both lands - carry on a full time job that demands way more than 5 days a week and 8 hours a day, AND be a father, a husband, and a friend, AND my fledgling typewriter repair business that I carry on alone (sorry "& Sons" I am calling you out in public!).

Add to this all my desire to push myself and my capabilities constantly, with experimentation, learning new skills, reading, buying and using new and exciting equipment... And there is just no time left in the day for the Internet.

There are so many excellent blogs out there, and I don't have time to read them. :( I love the Typosphere and those in it, and so my lack of posting or commenting , or calling or whatever, is simply a reflection of how stupidly complex and busy life is from day to day.

All that to say that until I can find a way to cross-post to Facebook and to Blogger, Facebook is going to get the first cut of my attention, purely because it is easy. Blogger and typecasting takes time and thought, both of which I shamefully admit to having very little of these days.

Don't give up on Brumtypia ... I'll try to make his work.