Typewriter Wish List

 These are machines that I would like to acquire. If you happen to have one of these and you want to sell or trade, let's talk and see what kind of deal we can make.

  • Olivetti
    • Grafika
    • Lexikon  : located!
  • Rooy
    • M.J. Rooy Portable - QWERTY keyboard a definite plus
  • Olympia
    • SM3 : located!
    • SM4
  • Torpedo
    • Model 14
    • Model 18 : located!
    • Model 20  : located!
  • Pre-WWII/WWII Groma
    • Model N
    • Model T
  • Remington
    • Silent Model 7 : located!
    • 1950's Travel-Riter (Torpedo 20) : located!
  • Royal
    • Royal Model P w/ Vogue typeface : located!
    • Royal Model O : located!
    • 1940's Aristocrat : located!
  • Smith-Corona
    • Early Corona (maroon)  : located!
* QWERTZ keyboards are also on my list


  • Olympia
    • SG1 : located!
  • Smith-Corona
    • Speedmaster : Early Super Speed located!


  • Portable Machine Cases Needed (just the case, ma'am!)
    • Royal Quiet Deluxe - 1950's era : located!
    • Remington 1950's Quiet-Riter : located!
    • Remington Remette : located!


  1. Was kinda hoping you needed an Underwood (indeterminate) pre-50's case. Because I have one, and have no idea why.


  2. 1962 Smith Corona Galaxie Deluxe
    Serial #6T2V - 902596
    Status: My Collection
    Created: 02-10-2014 at 02:04PM
    Last Edit: 02-10-2014 at 07:43PM

    Smith Corona Serial Numbers
    Smith Corona Typewriter Galleries
    Smith Corona Galaxie Deluxe Typewriter Galleries

    A great typeface in a unexpected package! Good typer!

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    [Member: Brian Brumfield (bsbrum)]

    Brian Brumfield
    Username: bsbrum

    I love machines, machining, creating things from nothing. Typewriters have struck a romantic chord in me, thanks to my oldest son, and I am working with him and the rest of our family to acquire, restore, repair many machines.
    Our collection grows in fits and spurts - as the seasons change. We make a lot of acquisitions at estate sales, yard and garage sales, thrift stores, online, and through personal connections.
    The machines that we don't want to keep in our own collection, we are selling through various outlets - Etsy, Square Market, and eventually on eBay - and unlike some sellers, we KNOW how to pack a machine for shipment! :-)
    Brumfield & Sons Typewriters, at your service.

    is this for sale? does it correct , thanks Mark young
    1962 Smith Corona Galaxie Deluxe Photo Gallery