Thursday, February 27, 2014

February 27, 2014 : One trip - Three Typewriters

I didn't have time to "type" this out, but this week's trip net'd me three new machines.

A 1969 Adler Universal 39 (as seen in "The Shining")

A 192X Diplomat, unknown model

and A 1940's Royal KMM 14" wide-carriage that I really didn't want, but was suckered-in by the $5 price tag.

Now to get them home. I am carrying the Adler on-board the plane with me, and I have stowed the Diplomat in my normal bag. I picked up a second piece of luggage, but the Royal will not fit inside, so I am leaving it behind and will try to ship it home next week.

Update [17 Mar 2014] : Photo from the flight home :)

A good day hunting!

"BSBRUM" - Brian @ Brumfield & Sons Typewriters

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  1. Updates:
    The Adler required only a superficial cleaning. Great machine.
    The Diplomat has been a great surprise, and an excellent typer, following repairs on the tabulator mechanism and key interlock.
    The Royal is shaping up to be a great $5 investment. It types very well, and is undergoing a deep cleaning. Will be for sale.