Friday, March 28, 2014

March 28, 2014 - Fixing a Dragging SM3 Carriage

Our new SM3 arrived today, and was awaiting me when I got home. Everything was working pretty well..... Except that the carriage was running aground on the side body panel, and left a divot:

Maybe this is a common problem and everyone knows about it, but just in case, there is an easy fix for this.

There are four screws that attach the machine's chassis to the body, and at each of those mounting points there is a rubber grommet. The rubber grommet cushions and dampens vibrations, but when they compress over time and end up looking like this:

Then the chassis drops down in relation to the body, and the rubbing ensues.

I just used a standard 1/2" rubber automotive grommet, and the problem is no more!

Happy typing!


  1. It is indeed a common problem -- the only Achilles' heel on this model, I believe. Looks like you fixed it perfectly!

  2. Even a broken clock is right twice a day! Thanks, Richard.

  3. Great repair. A common problem with the SM3 & SM4. Otherwise very well designed typewriters.

    1. Thanks, Bill. I really like these machines, a lot. The case for this one is literally busted apart. I am going to rebuild and re-finish it, and will do a post about that as it progresses. That's a nice thing about working with these classic machines - I get to dust off my mill and lathe, my welder, wood working tools, and dig deep into the well of creativity to solve problems (as well as fixing the problems that I create for myself!). :-)

  4. Great stuff! Just picked up a gorgeous burgundy SM3 that needs this fix. Glad I know what to look for at the hardware store!

  5. Great guide. I just fixed my own SM3 using this method, although, I think the grommets I used were a little large in diameter. Oh well. They were the right thickness!

  6. So that's what a grommet is. Thanks Brian!