Thursday, May 1, 2014

May 1, 2014 - YOU (we) DID IT! Shipping John Lavery's Machine....... Part TWO *UPDATED*

You folks, and you know who you are, ROCK!

Now on to the second hardest part ... packing and shipping.

Phase 2 of this project is well under way now.

The internal skeletal "crate" is now built, and I am wrapping it in a custom cardboard container. Once the cardboard is done, the internal packing and reinforcements will take place, and I'll have a final weight for the shipping company.

I chose to mount the machine on cleats that are attached to a sheet of luan plywood. This is just to try to stabilize it as much as possible inside the crate. There will be styrofoam and various other foams and bags of foam inside the crate to cradle this baby overseas.

Inside that cocoon is a locked down typewriter. The carriage is completely disengaged from the escapement, and it is locked in place with wire ties in multiple places. The carriage ends are ensconced in egg carton. The keyboard is covered in foam. The whole lot is bundled up tightly with packing wrap, and the leading and trailing edges are protected with 1/8" cardboard L-shaped reinforcements.

The crate skeleton is done, and the outer shell is being moulded around it:

Since the picture was taken, struts have been added on all four sides to solidify the structure.

More to come ...


UPDATED 5/2/2014

5 pounds under my initial 50lb estimate!!

(Couldn't resist! :)


  1. Wow!

    As long as there is squishable stuff at all points between the typewriter and the exterior of the case, it should be as safe as a transcontinental typewriter can get.

  2. A very thorough packing job!

  3. Congratz to John!

    And great packing job... wow!