Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 2, 2014 - Taste the Rainbow

Working on some mock-ups of possible SCM paint refreshes ... I am digging some of these.

I want to move some SCMs out of our storage space - like some of the Coronamatic machines. I think this might help them appeal to someone whom would otherwise be dissuaded by the crappy subdued awful vomitous 1970's color choices.

What say you? Would colors like these interest you?

*Update 9/3 : added three new colors:

1958 Edsel Ice Green

Lemony Snickers

Orange Julio (don't want to be sued!) :-)

Candy Apple SCM

Granny Smith's Revenge

Electra Electric Blue

Gold Rush
Inviolate Violet

"Lord Vader, your typewriter is ready!"

A shade of Earl Grey

"Honey, grab the gunmetal!"


  1. Hey, I like SCM 5TE-style electrics. They might not be the prettiest machines on the planet, but they're great typers (:

    That said, I do very much like the color choices you're considering (:

    1. I didn't mean to insult the 5T's just some of the later ones had awful colors. Gold/brown keys! Ick!!! :-)

      I have cursive Galaxy in the nice metallic factory blue that needs a repaint, so now I have to get the Mrs. To make up her mind, and that will be the first true paint experiment.

    2. I assume you've sussed out how to get a Galaxie apart. My first one was something of a bear figuring out what is and is not supposed to be unscrewed, and in what order. It's nice they have flat paint too. (:

    3. Oh yeah - been 'round the horn with the 5T's a few times. Any chance you're going to make it to Herman Price's place in October? I am going to bring one of the battery powered Electra SS's. :-)

  2. I'd go with red, personally. Red typewriters always seem to sell for higher prices on eBay, for example. However, the other colours are quite nifty too. Best of luck!

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I am leaning toward more of a "Ferrari Red" but still on the fence. :-) My wife wants to see a metallic burgundy. We'll see what happens.

  3. Colours look great! But don't go Earl Grey - go Lemon! :)

    1. Ha! Lemon - yes, and I have a request for Orange too. Coming up....