Sunday, January 4, 2015

January 4, 2015 - Happy New Year & Casting New Knobs


  1. Very interesting ... hope it works like a charm!

  2. Great work on the knob. Now when everything is worked out you can make a killing making and selling second generation Hermes 3000 knobs.

  3. You have to get creative when trying to make parts that are no longer available. Factories could make them easily - IF you wanted thousands or millions of them. Making a few or a few dozen is the challenge.

    I am looking into the feasibility of making replacement cycle clutch pulleys for Selectrics. The ones that Tony C. sells are too expensive and I'm looking for a cheaper, more-efficient method.

  4. Wondering how the project went on... a curious fan.

    1. Shordzi - yeah, thanks for asking! Well, the project started out with high hopes - but has been a little deflated for one reason ... I don't have any broken knobs that I can repair. :-) I need 2 things for this to work: 1. an example of a good knob so that I can cast a mould, and 2. a broken knob so that I can cast the new knob onto the old steel knob collar. I have been working with a couple of collectors that have specific needs, but knobs and collars have yet to appear at my door. So until they do, I cannot answer the question with anything but more questions.

      Once I do have knobs finished, I will post them here for sure. I will also be attempting some Hermes green color matching as well as casting plain old black knobs.

      A similar project that is under way is casting replacement carriage release levers for 5 and 6 series Smith-Corona's. I'll do a posting on that as well.

      Sorry for the delay in response - Blogger is not notifying me of comments by email like I had hoped it would.