Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014 - Cincinnati Spring Type-In - Saturday, April 26

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sitwell's Coffeehouse

324 Ludlow Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45220

12 - 4 pm

Questions? email

Please reach out if you have any questions. An "RSVP" would be awesome, to give us an idea of whom might show up. At the very least it looks like the coordinators (Bryan Sherwood and myself) and Richard Polt has marked his calendar as well.

Join us for some savory nectar of the bean, and some awesome machines!

Here is a little taste of what I plan on bringing with...

A relatively rare battery-powered SCM Electra SS:

A couple German machines. A 1937 Diplomat Elite and a 1932 Triumph Model 1:

Or how about this nice Olympia Traveller with CURSIVE typeface! The swank doesn't stop here though...

There's a formation of ultra-portables that will probably be there (this doesn't include my recent Olivetti Lettera 22 acquisition): 

A relatively rare Remington Military Radio Typewriter, MX-322/U:

And who knows what else. You can't miss this!


  1. Looking forward to seeing these machines! Thanks for taking the initiative.

    1. Yeah - glad to. Ian has been bugging me to instigate a Type-In for some time. I think the time is ripe. :-)

  2. Looking forward to reading all about it. Nice appetizer!

  3. I reached out to WordPlay to see if they would be interested in having a presence. Mark Petersen ( thinks he's going to make it, driving up from Virginia.
    I'll be there with my collector-sons as well, and they will bring some nice machines of theirs. We're very psyched! :-)

  4. That's quite a haul for Mark! I hope he can indeed come. The poster is excellent.

    1. Yeah, he said it's 5.5 hours - but "do-able" and he's motivated to get to see WordPlay too. ;-) Thanks!

  5. I mailed off a bunch of flyers to my local typewriter shop today advertising the type-in! Can't wait!

  6. UPDATE : March 31

    11 x 17 " Posters Ordered from - just about $1 ea. and free FedEx - and they are full color and heavy duty. We'll see how they look when they get here, but I am pretty psyched.

    Sitwell's has thrown in their hat, and is looking forward to us being there.

    Looks like we'll be doing a typewriter give-away, some drawings/prizes of typewriter paraphernalia (felt pads, ribbon tins, eraser/brushes, etc).

    Looking forward to it. Hope a lot of you typeospherians can spread the word. :)

  7. I shall plan on being there. I'm fortunate to have found out about this with only a week or so to go. If my SM4's fresh platen is back from JJ Short then I'll bring her, otherwise I might require a sturdy table for my SG1. ;-)

    1. Excellent! There will be plenty of table space for your SG1 (I'd love to see it), glad you're going to make it, and THANK YOU for your contribution to the shipping fund! I don't think that I will have the shirt ready for you in time for the type-in, but I will try. Thanks, again!