Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 22, 2014 - The Typewriter "Heroine" Addiction's Icy Fingers

Not too long ago, I placed myself in a self-imposed typewriter acquisition embargo - I went clean - "cold turkey." The embargo seemed necessary, because our arrival rate of new machines was increasing in frequency, while the departure rate remained at a steady ZERO.... I couldn't look at a web browser without wanting to scan through Craigslist or the Shopgoodwill site. I feel so dirty!

Well, the tides have turned - three machines have found new homes - I am clean and sober. So naturally, having met the terms of my self imposed embargo ("until we sell some machines"), my want once again found its way to Craigslist, striking at my weakest, while I am out of town on business.

This time my sights are on a very clean looking early 60's Olympia SM-7 with a cursive typeface. The price is okay, and in the current economic climate, I cannot bring myself to talk people down from an "okay" price. So, I'll brave the river crossing and traffic and fight my way to lower Manhattan to see this machine tomorrow evening.

I also spotted a nice looking Remington 7 noiseless in the area ... But it doesn't have a case and I am *OVER* buying portables without cases.

The typewriter "heroine" addiction has taken hold once more... Its icy grip again ahold of my wallet!

Hello, my name is Brian, and I have a problem........... :-)

"BSBRUM" - Brian @ Brumfield & Sons Typewriters


  1. Uh oh ... the NYC Craigslist is a cornucopia of typers!

    How many monkeys typing on our backs does it take to spell "addict"?

  2. Yes you do have a problem, but it's a nice one as far as problems go!

  3. Olympia SM7 in-hand. Wallet .... Empty. Mission accomplished. Now if I just has some paper ... I could do a traintypecast :-)

  4. You and me both, brother. I think all I'm going to do at the type-in is hand everyone money! At least I'll have some new machines to tinker with though!