Saturday, April 5, 2014

April 5, 2014 - Any interest in helping ship a machine for John Lavery?

I have a machine that John Lavery has been looking for, for quite some time - an Olivetti-Underwood Editor II with the unique Diploma Typeface.

John used to be a technician for Olivetti-Underwood, and this machine has a special meaning for him.

You can feast your eyes on the machine with which he would like to be reunited:

The problem is that the machine is in the USA and John is in Australia. Shipping a 40-50 pound package between these two points is obscenely expensive .... Almost 3 times the value of the machine, or *starting* at $450 US for shipping by sea. IT IS SIMPLY INSANE. The best option I saw for air service was about $600. I can hardly believe how much this costs, but it is what it is.

Would some folks in the typosphere be willing to pitch in some cash to help defer the cost of shipping, so that I can get this machine to John? John has been a stalwart in the larger, global typosphere, and I would really like to see this machine in his hands.

I am dropping my sale price for him, by $50, and I am willing to put $25 toward shipping ($75 total). If 20 people would pitch in $15, raising $300 - I think that between my $25 and John, we could cover the rest.

**UPDATE 4/6/2014 ** fundraiser link, via YouCaring.

I can start a fund raiser campaign, and if we can spread the word - once we hit a predetermined target,  it will end, and I'll ship the machine.

Thoughts? Crazy money, huh?!



  1. Yeah, I'll offer some. Let me know.

    1. Thanks, Scott. I just searched again and found and they are claiming that they charge $286 USD for 4 day air service, door-to-door for a 50 pound package.
      That brings the goal down quite considerably. 2 months ago the cheapest I could find was over $400 usd.
      If this seems feasible, I can either collect funds through paypal (no fee), for start a fund raiser campaign online, which usually take a 5% cut.
      I'll keep you posted!

    2. I'm willing to PayPal a contribution too. :)

    3. Cool. I'll work up more of a cohesive plan and let you know.

    4. You don't know me, but I'm "in", assuming the "Notify me" thingy works. What a beautiful typeface...

    5. Dan, you're a saint. Been following your machines on 'the database.' More to come.

    6. Okay. In order to provide visibility and accountability, I've set up a fundraiser for the $300 shipping, at, here :

      YouCaring uses a PayPal alternative called WePay, and as a result charges no fees. If you use another means of contribution, there may be fees involved. Please check the terms carefully.

      When we hit the goal and I ship the machine, I will include a personal note to John, with the names of all the Typospherians who made this a reality for him.

      I set a goal end-date of the end of the month. Hopefully you folks can also use your influence and contacts to spread the word, and we can whip this out in jut a couple of weeks.

      Thanks to all.

  2. Oh yes, I know that typewriter -- you really impressed me with its typeface.

    UPS and FedEx charge crazy-wacky prices for international shipping. USPS is always a better deal.

    1. John said he's been looking for this machine with this typeface for 20 years. I NEED to get this machine in his hands. :-/