Saturday, July 19, 2014

July 19, 2014 - The Face of Your Machine

I was browsing Facebook and noticed a photo posted by collector-extraordinaire, Claudia Tan, wherein the ribbon vibrator/type window seemed to make a face. The particular angle, shadows, and ribbon flow leant itself to what I saw:

And it led me to wonder what other anthropomorphic properties of typewriters might be out there.

Clearly, not all machines will lend themselves to this fantastic stretch of the imagination ... As seen with this 1954 Olympia SM-3:

But other machines do seem to have some "facial" character, like my 1924 Remington Portable #1:

So what about your machines? Does your machine seem to talk to you like this? :-)


  1. I have to wonder if the Groma midsize portable was the only typewriter to actually have a face intentionally in the design. image:

  2. It kinda looks like a face looking in fear at the type-bar about to strike it.

  3. The Selectric 721 looks very much like the head of a happy retro-futuristic robot to me. (:

  4. Excellent. Funny that the mind is pretty much pre-programmed to find faces in objects.